One System for your Business

Do you want a point of sale (ePoS) system, an accounting system, an email system, a document management system, a marketing system, a website or ecommerce system and much more?

Or maybe just one of the above?

We have something very, very special to share with you!

Revolutionise Your Business & Save Money While You're At It

In 2002 the Nirius Platform was born.  It was cutting-edge even at the time, but has now developed one of the most wide-ranging and sophisticated software systems on the planet for small businesses.  It's been described as a "work of genius".

It’s one of the most affordable (quite possibly the most affordable) systems available!

In fact, we've helped some businesses save more money than they spend installing and running the system from the very first month!

The Nirius Platform
Join the Small Businesses who are Blazing a Trail

The retailers, manufacturers, sports clubs, wholesalers, not-for-profits and governing bodies that rely on the Nirius Platform are blazing a trail.  They are using the cutting edge technology to out-compete not just local rivals, but also national chains.

But this is just the start.  The Nirius Platform is constantly evolving with incredible features to keep its users ahead of the game.

Get in touch to learn you you can join them and move your business forward.