A Boost Like No Other

Our Business Booster Program is a very special course for business owners in the UK.

During the 8 weekly sessions, the program gives business owners inspiration, focus and direction to drive their business forward.

Better than a Book!

Have you ever been inspired by a book, only to forget what you learned by the time it would have come in handy?  This course is the exact opposite!

The course is designed to deliever results.  It will:
  • Improve your management skills;
  • Improve your strategy & planning;
  • Make you a better negotiator;
  • Teach you winning marketing techniques;
  • Give you insight into your own businesses;
  • Show you how to grow your business; and
  • Drive you forward.
Attend, In Person, Wherever You Are

The course is run live, online, by our Managing Director, Lee Heycock, in groups of like-minded business people

We use the latest technology to see and hear each other, and share course materials.

All you need is a computer with a webcam, or an Apple or Android tablet or phone. 

You'll never need to miss a session – wherever you are.

Online Course Screenshot
Pre-Registration  Contact

We contact everyone who wants a place on the course before they sign up to get to know a little about them and their business. 

We feel this is important as, when the sessions start, participants will be able to hit the ground running and get the most out of it.

Limited Places for Next Course

If you are interested in the next course, get in touch using the "Request Information" button. 

Feel free to include a question that you’d like answered from the course.

Courses of the Highest Quality

All of our courses are written and delivered by professionals of the highest calibre who have worked at the top-tier global professional advisory firms as well as in other commercial advisory roles. 


We are also an ICAEW Member Firm of Chartered Accountants (specialising in advice and business support), so you can be confident in the quality of our work.